The name Scammell has become become synonymous with Britains once great Heavy haulage and Specialist vehicle manufacturers and is probably one of the most recognised names of all those that once graced our roads.

For me, my attraction to this great vehicle maker has come quite late in life but my love of all things mechanical, the bigger the better, started many years ago in my childhood. School holidays and as many weekends as I could manage were spent on my Uncles farm down near St Albans where I learnt to drive a Fordson Major tractor at the tender age of 9 with a set of rolls behind it. Summer of the same year saw me behind the wheel of my first "HGV" a Thames Trader tipper used on the fields for corn cart.

During the following years the fordson was upgraded to various County tractors and then to what remains my idea of one of the best british tractors made, the Mighty Muir Hill 171 with its growling V8 Perkins giving it almost unstoppable qualities in any conditions.

Working on the farm and then subsequently going to Agricultural Engineering college further fed this addiction, or fetish as my wife calls it, and the rest as they say is history!

Currently I am lucky enough to run a small HGV repair and Maintenance company which is what first led me into Scammell ownership and more importantly the Scammell Crusader.

We wanted to get hold of a decent capacity wrecker to carry out our own recoveries rather than pay the high costs of getting someone else to do it. I stumbled accross Witham Specialist Vehicles web site and after some patience we managed to purchase the first of many of this great marque.

Within these pages you will find information, pictures and stories relating to our vehicles and the Crusader in general as well as links to other sites that are some way connected to Crusaders and Scammell.

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I am always happy to answer any questions that I can regarding the Crusader, Scammell trucks or anything HGV related and at the same time am hungry for knowledge on these trucks so please feel free to drop me a line via email

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As with most things British Scammell Lorries Ltd started from lowly roots and became a world leader in Commercial Vehicles and especially Heavy Haulage, very Heavy Haulage.

Some of the largest loads ever moved around the globe have been moved by Scammells and many are still working on our roads today.... HLK 97T for example!

An ever increasing band of enthusiasts and owners are keeping these trucks alive and hopefully the pictures and other information in this web site adds something to this.

I am a late comer to the Scammell scene but thanks to some great people I have met along the way, not least Clive Sweeting from ProTruck Services, Parry Davies from the Scammell Register and many others, I am learning fast and already know that my association with these great trucks will be a long one.

If you have anything you want to say about Scammells in general or just want to add your tuppence worth drop me a line.

If you need to know anything and can not find the information you require get in touch. I probably wont know the answer, unless its about the Crusader, but I might know a man who does!


As someone once said to me, They look better trundling down the road than holding up a building in the form of a Chinese RSJ!!!


On the PRO TRUCK SERVICES web site Clive has set up a forum, The Scammell Cafe, for all things Scammell

Inhabited by a friendly bunch of like minded enthusiasts it is well worth a visit and joining only takes a few minutes. All are very welcome.